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Discover about the past and present China with our one of a kind experiences and tours 

Experience China!

VariArts Travel creates incredible experiences in what is presently the world's most exciting destination - China. If you want to visit China now, select from our unique and market leading travel and tour packages, ready to book, alternately if you have specific wishes, we'll tailor - fit to made - extraordinary services accordingly. We're growing and building new clients, friends and partnerships world wide. ​ ​Join us!

We've been helping people discover China for over 10 years!


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The Insider's Beijing Tour

Ancient, modern, fascinating 

Imperial temples, Ming Dynasty pavilions, the monumental Forbidden City and modern metropolis of an emerging global power.  Enjoy an Insider's perspective of Asia's grandest ancient capital.

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China's Natural Wonders

See regional wonders like few others

China's ethnic diversity, cultural richness, and diverse landscape is stunning.  Experience the beautiful countryside of Guilin and cruise on the Li River.  Depart from the metropolis of Shanghai.

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Xi'an in One Day

The Terracotta Army, Xi'an City Wall...

Following a millennia old trade route the stuff of legend, visit the Muslim quarters, the World Heritage listed Terracotta Army, the Xi'an city wall (The first of its kind) and enjoy Xi'an cuisine before heading back to Beijing or Shanghai.

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Enjoy the Nightlife

Views and brews in Shanghai

You've seen all the historical and ancient buildings and culture, now enjoy the modern culture of Shanghai. 

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Great Wall & Picnic

Great Wall hike and lunch with a view

The world's longest man made structure, still intact in it's original splendor.  Take a walk on these walls built hundreds of years ago and marvel at how it was once used as a defense against the Mongolian warrior kingdoms.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.24.31 PM.png
For the Foodies

Foods only locals know about..

There are "many" secret food spots that may be inaccessible unless you're with a local.  Let us show you the delicious yet unknown food locale of Beijing. 

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