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Got Guanxi?

China’s relatively recent emergence as a world economic power, coupled with its distinct culture, vast geography, and unique government, can make doing business in the Middle Kingdom a complicated endeavor with potential and unintended pitfalls. For example, understanding certain cultural dynamics, such as the Chinese idea of Guanxi, a favor based system of relationships, is necessary in successfully conducting business. Therefore, VariArts has teamed up with China’s leading consulting and business related service providers, in order to clarify China’s vast geography and unfamiliar business practices.

Business Tours & Personal Concierge Services

VariArts business and seminar tours are a fresh and innovative approach to familiarize travelers with the complexities of doing business in China. At the same time, travelers will have the opportunity to experience China’s rich cultural traditions and entertainment options. General Introduction Business Tours, Industry Specific Business Tours, and Personal Concierge Services are arranged for the business traveler with specifically configured itineraries suited to the client’s interests and the duration of their stay. Our consulting partners, such as the China International Economic Consultants Co., provide a wealth of local knowledge pertaining to government involvement, Chinese law, duties and taxes, oversees payment strategy, foreign direct investment, human resource management, quality control, market trends, market penetration, site selection, and cultural particularities. Additionally, VariArts crafts tours to include specific industries, companies, and destinations that are relevant to the needs of our clients.


Sample Business Tour:

Day 1. Beijing Ritz Carlton

Beijing Spa. After arriving in Beijing, your expert guide will provide a brief introduction to the city’s history, culture, and economy. An early evening visit to one of the city’s most prestigious spas will soothe tired travellers before the welcoming dinner. Established as China’s capital in the 15th century, it’s the seat of China’s government, and home to many high flying Chinese and foreign companies. Though some see Shanghai as China’s commercial capital, many important deals get done in Beijing and the city is increasingly cementing its position as a global business center.

Day 2. Beijing Ritz Carlton

In In the morning you’ll have a chance to see some of Beijing’s most famous sites. A walking tour of Tiananmen Square will segue into an exploration of the Forbidden City, the world-renowned residence of China’s Emperors and imperial government. In the afternoon, a legal expert will offer a general introduction to legal issues related to doing business in China, followed by a question-and-answer session. In the evening, guests will have a chance to meet and network with local business professionals at a specially arranged cocktail party in one of Beijing’s most stylish clubs.

Day 3. Beijing Ritz Carlton

This morning, guests will join a group of local officials and professionals for a tour of one of the region’s newest and most important industrial developments. In addition to an exclusive tour of the area and a discussion of the opportunities for foreign investors and manufacturers, our hosts will answer any questions participants have about the area or about their particular industry. In the afternoon, an experienced guide will accompany the group to visit Yonghe Gong, Beijing’s oldest and largest Tibetan Buddhist temple, featuring a wooden statue of the Buddha several stories high.

Day 4. Beijing Ritz Carlton

This morning, one of Beijing’s senior and most successful foreign entrepreneurs and consultants, who has been conducting business in China for years, will join us to share his wisdom and experience, answer questions, and offer advice. In the afternoon we visit the Great Wall, and in the evening, anyone with energy left over is invited out to play. Our guide will take us on a tour of Beijing’s dynamic nightlife.

Day 5. Tianjin – Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel

Today, we will travel to Tianjin. Now that Beijing and Tianjin are only 30 minutes away by bullet train, investment in Tianjin is rising, and the once occupied city is looking to expand its economic zones. In order to witness the forefront of China‘s economic development, we will participate in the viewing of Tianjin city’s strategy for new growth. After, we visit the “Italian Quarter”—a well-preserved Italian concession area that is undergoing development, and make a visit to the old culture street of Tianjin.

Day 6. Tianjin – Renaissance Tianjin Downtown Hotel

After a visit to the Tianjin Harbor in the morning, officials from the Tianjin Industrial Zone will brief the group on the local investment environment, opportunities, and policies, followed by a visit to the TEDA development area. Established in the early 80s, the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area is home to more foreign companies than all of China. The rest of the day is set aside for an enjoyable game of golf with a local business professional, a nice combination of business and pleasure.

Day 7. Shanghai – Le Royal Meridien

We fly to Shanghai. Upon arrival, we’ll visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center with a local expert, followed by a stroll along the famous waterfront area known as The Bund with a veteran urban planner. From the European splendor of The Bund, you can look across the river and see the gleaming Pudong Special Economic Zone. In the evening, we’ll hear from an executive at one of Shanghai’s largest financial institutions regarding China’s complex banking system and the procedures for foreign investment.

Day 8. Shanghai – Le Royal Meridien

This morning we’ll visit the new Jiading Industiral Zone and visit a market that is responsible for much of Shanghai’s corporate growth. Shanghai is the world’s largest cargo port, and has posted double digit GDP growth for the past fifteen years. The Shanghai Stock Exchange is the fastest growing exchange in the world, and the Expo has focused the world’s attention on the city’s phenomenal development. The rest of the day is your final chance to power shop in Shanghai.

Day 9. Departure

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