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Brand Ambassadors, Marketing & Consultancy

China Branding

China Market Entry: Brand and launch with experts...

China’s changing role from “made in China” to “sold in China” makes it a new hot spot for exhibition destination. VariArts offers a comprehensive range of multinational exhibition services from planning and on-site execution to post-show analysis and report. We understand the keys of success: strategic planning, seamless execution and extensive “guanxi,” a unique favor based system of relationships in China.


Our services include:

  • Event, Meeting & Exhibition Services:

  • Official Programs​

  • Press release ​

  • Presentation & seminars ​

  • Executive meeting ​

  • Performance​

  • Corporate Gift Packages ​

  • Catering​

  • Speaker services​

  • Meeting and exhibition technology system solution e.g. attendee management system

  • Exhibition promotion, marketing & PR

  • Staffing: specialized business services –translation and secretarial services etc

  • Air ticketing

  • Hotel booking solutions

  • Ground Transportation

  • Venue consulting and booking

  • Travel desk: assisting guests individual hotel/air/transportation/tour bookings

  • Communication solutions: phone rental and phone card

  • Chinese Visa Services




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