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China like few experience

VariArts 'Insider' China experiences.

China has arrived, its civilization is extraordinary in heritage, its modern path to power astronomic, its culture and burgeoning middle class are shaping globalisation as we know it. Our selection of tours provide a window into the story that is China. From the trade routes of Marco Polo, its exquisite Imperial legacy juxtaposed against the vibrancy of the world's new power and style meccas of Beijing and Shanghai, to the steppes of the Himalayas and the gruelling path of the Red Army's Long March amidst stunning natural beauty, cragged peaks and countryside. All tours and VariArts travel packages place you in exceptional boutique hotels or luxury 5 star accommodation and are hosted by guides that are academics,  Buddhist monks, ex military officers, artists and historians, chefs and every day Chinese whose hospitality is an insight to a real China few ever get to experience. Select from this months tours which cover themes and sights from major attractions in Shanghai, desert oases, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Lhasa and Tibetan street bazaars, the base camp of Mt Everest and much more. What do we guarantee? Sights, sounds, tastes, insights - to an 'Insider's' China. What's more - we take you in style with a touch of luxury, a mix of the local and a seasoned traveller's approach bringing you together with the everyday, leave the tourists behind - welcome to VariArts, this is how we do things.

VariArts is a market leading agency redefining travel through China, select a tour below, we have expertly detailed itineraries which include brilliant value in some of the world's leading hotels from the Four Seasons to renowned boutique lodges, culinary delights, flights and travel within China, guides and service second to none.

Travel China Now! Exciting Ready to Book travel packages, themed tours and tailored itineraries...
The Mighty Beijing Tour

Ancient, modern, fascinating 

5 Days 

Imperial temples, Ming Dynasty pavilions, the monumental Forbidden City and modern metropolis of an emerging global power. Enjoy an Insider's perspective, with beautiful boutique accommodation, tours of local neighbourhoods and all the major museums and sights.

Shanghai Jet-Set Tour

Exhilarating, cosmopolitan, stylish

4 Days 

Interlocking canals join together artists galleries, boutique shopping, sophisticated cafes and bars. From the Imperial Yuyuan Gardens to the decadent colonial past, Shanghai is the most dynamic metropolis in Asia & the world at present, enjoy amazing cuisine, sights and sounds.

Amazing China... in style

Beijing, the Himalayas to Shanghai

10 days 

From the Great Wall, to the 'Roof Top of the World' in the Himalayas, Ming dynasty palaces to the Grand Canal of Shanghai. Our express tour of major highlights comes with incredible experiences, all in 5 star luxury and great value.

From ancient dynasties, Communist revolution, to art, nature and always unique discoveries....

Marco Polo's Silk Route

The Terracotta Army, bazaars, oases...

13 Days 

Following a millennia old trade route the stuff of legend, visit ancient bazaars, the World Heritage listed Terracotta Army, the Mingsha Sand Dunes (on camel back!), the desert ruins of the Uighur Empire and return to the glamour of Shanghai.

The Long March

Mao and the forging of Modern China...

16 Days 

The CCCP was borne on the decisive retreat from pursuing Kuomintang forces, fighting over impassable mountain ranges, remote villages, and the entirety of China. Follow the seminal history of Mao's rise to power with expert historians and amidst stunning scenery.

The Path to Mt Everest

Lhasa to the base camp of Everest

16 Days 

“The roof of the world,” as Tibet is often known, has captivated imaginations for centuries. Visit centuries old monasteries, taste Tibetan cuisine amidst colourful bazaars and spend a day at Everest base camp. A  lifetime opportunity in one of the world’s most fascinating lands.

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