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China's gateway to the world

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Destinations of Value: key cities changing the world

With its booming economy growing and overwhelming success of the Beijing 2008 Olympics as well as the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, there is no longer any doubt about China’s ability and desire to become the most popular MICE destination worldwide. Despite such a dramatic transformation, vast geographical terrain and rich history, China has managed to retain much of its charm and traditional feel to make it a perfect MICE destination with full of possibilities.



Impression & ideas:

The capital of one of the world’s greatest empires for hundreds of years, Beijing has never ceased to capture the imagination of the world. Nearly every historical building has a deep significance in Chinese history, temples and palaces built to strike awe and wonder in the viewer.

  • Welcoming reception at the chic 798 Art District to have a taste of the newest developments in art and architecture

  • ​Enjoy an incredible banquet in the shadow of the Bird Nest, China’s Olympic Stadium

  • Treasure hunt in the mysterious Hutongs, rustic neighbourhoods retaining the culture and traditions of Old Beijing

  • Tai Chi practicing on an ancient architectural masterpiece at the Great Wall

Getting there:

One major airport which is 30 km from the central city

Flights both international and domestic. Scheduled flights connect Beijing with many major cities within China and worldwide


Autumn is the best season to visit, warm and bright with clear skies


Impression & ideas:

Shanghai is undoubtedly the most dynamic and exciting city in the world’s fastest changing nation. Cosmopolitan without losing its sense of history, the booming metropolis is the showpiece of the fast-paced Chinese economy, where temples and local markets are nestled between towering monuments to capitalism, and tree-lined European avenues from the colonial past lead to contemporary shopping malls with the latest brands.

  • Walking with a historian expert on the bund

  • ​Waterfront dinner along the Huangpu River

  • Side car experience in Shanghai Alley and surrounding districts

  • F1 Experience – Go Cart

Getting there:

Two airports: Pudong International Airport, 30km from the city center, and Hongqiao International Airport, 13km from the city center.

Both airports receive flights from many international destinations in Europe, US and Asia.







Shanghai weather is generally mild and moist, with four distinct seasons – a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and an overcast cold winter. The spring from March to May is recommended as the best time to travel Shanghai.


Impression & ideas:

Hangzhou’s picturesque West Lake, surrounded by beautiful gardens and pavilions, has inspired the Chinese for ages. In the 13th century, Marco Polo proclaimed Hanzhou as one of the most splendid cities in the world, a reputation it has earned well into the modern era.

  • Golf at West Lake Golf Course

  • ​Learn tea planting and appreciation at the Dragon Well Village

  • West Stream National Wetland Park

  • Night visit and exclusive dinner at the former residence of Hu Xueyan

Getting there:

One airport 30 km from the city centre, with service to domestic Chinese locations as well as frequent scheduled international flights to Hong Kong

2.5 hours drive to Shanghai international airport


With an average annual temperature of 16.5 °C (61.7 °F), Hangzhou is suitable for travel all year round, with the most pleasant and popular time in Autumn.


Impression & ideas:

With its beautiful, fairy tale images of rustic farm life set against tranquil lakes, terraced rice fields and a backdrop of jagged limestone karst peaks, the natural scenery of Yangshuo’s countryside appears both timeless and instantly familiar. There are some spectacular and enjoyable activities to enjoy such as:

  • Cocktail cruise along the Li River

  • ​Cave dinner at Reed Flute Cave

  • Cormorant Fishing performance

  • Farm work at Longji Rice Terrace

Getting there:

1.5 hours driving from Guilin airport, with scheduled flights to all major cities in China and Asia, such as Thailand, Japan, Korea and Malaysia

Daily scheduled flights to Hong Kong


Yangshuo is a fantastic destination to visit year-round, however Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit. Avoid traveling from May to July as it is the rainy season there.

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