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Hong Kong Night Food Tour

We'll take you to eat some of the best "local" food and a REAL experience that is extremely fun and unprecedented to your taste buds      #670

Tour Overview.

Meet your guide at 8:00 pm inside the Exit A of the Jordan MTR station, the subway system of Hong Kong. You will receive an overview of the tour and a culinary set before starting your food adventure. 


First you will visit two eateries tasting with specialties of Hong Kong and Chiu Chow style. In these eateries you will try four to six different special appetizers eaten daily by locals. The guide will explain to you the background about each food, how it is prepared and their nutritional values.
Then your guide will show you two to three new places including a congee shop and another eatery for main course. After wrapping up the savory food with a specialty soup, get ready for an exotic liquor that will probably surprise you!
It is dessert time now! We will step into a herbal tea store to taste a black drink and a black jelly. Then, you will try several more unrecognizable Chinese sweet soups that are good for your body and your skin. You will enjoy the dessert and learn about its nutritional value first and then the guide will share with you what you are actually eating.
To optimize the tour experience, we generally do not share the actual food we eat until after everyone has tried them.
After this 2.5 hours’ tour, you will say farewell to your guide at Temple street, which is located very closed to Jordan MTR Station where the tour started. It surely will be an unforgettable night in Hong Kong!


Insider Experiences & Highlights:

Savor 12 dishes that might be exotic for you but normal for Hong Kong residents. You will not try fried scorpions or seahorses, but real local food seasoned with background explanations from our guide, creating an extremely fun cultural activity unprecedented to your travel experience.


  • Professional & friendly English-speaking tour guide

  • 12 different tasting foods

  • 1 shot of exotic liquor


Duration: 2.5 Hours
Meeting Point:

Inside Exit A of the Jordan MTR station, the subway system of Hong Kong.

Try and eat Hong Kong's infamous street food vendors for a culinary experience you won't forget 

Client feedback on the Hong Kong Night Food Tour

"We did the delicacy food tour which we enjoyed. You will definitely try some food that you probably have not had before. It was interesting learning about the different foods and customs. Our group had a few laughs together as well which went towards an enjoyable couple of hours. "



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