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Fully organised programs that exceed expectations

Incentive Travel

Incentive Travel: the VariArts way ...

We understand the nature of incentive travel is to motivate employees, sales dealers and partners as well as thank them for their hard work. VariArts offers a variety of incentive travel programs custom designed to help you get the most out of your China experience. Whether a small team building program treasure hunting through mysterious old Beijing alley neighborhoods, or a massive people’s gala event at the magnificent imperial Forbidden City, we are confident to make your company’s incentive travel fulfilled with excitement and wonder, creating incredible memories that last a lifetime.


Our services include:

  • Overall travel program design and execution

  • Gala event and entertainment

  • Off-site unique venue searching

  • Team building, concept design and management

  • Corporate gift design and manufacturing

  • Airport VIP services e.g. private immigration channel and private resting room

  • Experts selection e.g. historian, architect, artist and health & wellness therapist etc.





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