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Tours and Travel: professional guides, expert itineraries.

Tours & Travel: individual tailored trips & (un)corporate events

We have a team of experts in both travel and consultancy with extensive product ranges through China and formidable connections with industry bodies, trade missions, city governments, tour operators and the best Ma and Pa noodle makers this side of the Yangtze. What does this mean? It means you are in expert hands! We open doors, have tried and tested products and exemplary services ready for you to enjoy. We create experiences that are up and beyond market norms and provide a level of professionalism you'd want for yourself or client alike. So if you are planning a corporate event or a personal trip for you or your family with a specialised itinerary in mind we'll deliver exciting travel specific to your needs, excellent value, with a level of service second to none.

How do you start? Take a look at some of our themed tour ideas and travel concepts and the easy to book formula explained below.

experience China like few others ... tour ideas:

Where to start? Here! We make EVERYTHING easy ... just ask us.

Step 1. Question... what wold make for something really special?

A great question to ask. For our part we like culture and art history specialists giving us academically informed tours, we like good food, local brews and 5 star hotel bars, local non touristy 'Insider' experiences and everything between. So share your thoughts, we'll work together and come up with brilliance! Whether the tour is for you, a partner, your family or the whole executive team - we GUARANTEE - expert travel you'll rave about.

Step 2. Answers from People who love travel, China, food, history, wow-factor experiences ....

That's us by the way. We are an expert and highly experienced team. We're fun, social, informed, professional and your friend in China. We know what's on when, the most exciting event happenings, the most incredible network of guides from the international press, the Chinese military, Buddhist monks, famous calligraphy artists, master chefs and more. We open doors to behind the scenes areas of opera houses and government buildings, we create inspirational events, private tailored travel experiences and so much more.  

Step 3. Your China Experience awaits ....

We'll define your itinerary whether you have a wish for boutique accommodation, absolute luxury, eating at a local noodle bar or a Michelin Star establishment, a private tour of modern China or hiking the mountains of Sichuan - perhaps a mixture of all? Each trip will be unique, planned to the last detail and delivered with a standard of service second to none. Well done! You've paid deposits, we've organized your trip, pull out the suitor and luggage and get ready to enjoy China like few others.

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